How to Make Your Diet More Alkaline

images12 How to Make Your Diet More AlkalineThe pH diet offers a new way to think about what you eat and what you put into your body.  The idea behind it is to keep your body’s pH levels balanced, by consuming 80% foods that are alkaline and 20% foods that are acidic.  This balance will keep your body’s function efficient.  As a health coach, I help people identify how to reach this dietary balance and keep their health optimized.  The best way to balance your pH is by eating a variety of alkaline foods.

When the acids in the body are properly neutralized, cells can grow and regenerate in the way they are intended to.  With highly acidic diets, the body systems begin to break down and become damaged.  The proper pH for your body is approximately 7.35, but aiming to achieve a range of 7.2 to 7.4 will help you realize the many benefits of the pH diet.

Vegetables and fruits are generally alkalizing foods.  Specifically, foods such as beets and beet greens, cabbage, carrots, barley grass, dandelions, eggplant, cucumbers, kale, green beans, parsnips, garlic, radishes, lettuce, green peas, kohlrabi, spinach, sweet potatoes, mustard greens, tomatoes, wild greens, wheat grass, pumpkin, peppers and sprouts.

Fruits that help to bring alkaline levels in the body up include dates, grapes, coconut, cantaloupe, raspberries, cherries, raisins, nectarines, figs, rhubarb, tomatoes, oranges, pears, pineapple, lemons,  limes, tropical fruits, tangerines and watermelon.

Consuming too much protein will add acid into your body.  Animal proteins are all acidic foods.  There are a few foods that contain protein that are alkalizing, including tempeh, tofu, whey protein, almonds and chestnuts.

In addition to these foods, adding alkalizing herbs and spices will further help to balance your body’s pH levels.  Specific herbs and spices include ginger, chili pepper, miso, cinnamon, mustard, sea salt and most herbs.

Some minerals are also alkalizing, like potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and cesium.  These minerals are essential for maintaining good health.

Other things that can help with the alkalizing process include apple cider vinegar, bee pollen, probiotic cultures, veggie juices, fresh fruit juices, mineral water and antioxidant water.

When you know just what to eat to raise your alkaline levels and reduce your acid levels, you can commit to a healthy diet that will help you reach the perfect pH and restore your body to its optimum levels of functioning.  Ask your health coach for suggestions of how to get more alkaline foods into your diet.

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